Karaoke Design Bluetooth Speaker SD 306 “Owl”



The first highlight of the Karaoke Bluetooth speaker SD-306 is the eye-catching design, in the form of a cat owl, with two eyes as well as the speaker with a total output of 10w * 2, attached SD-306 speaker is two very sensitive microphones, suitable for many microphone body adjustment keys with sound effects to increase / decrease Echo, increase / decrease sound and many funny sound effects, ..

1. Bluetooth 4.2 latest mode, high performance mode
2. Comes with K song mode, home party essential
3. Support TF card, AUX, FM, U disk, strong compatibility
Product Specifications:
  • Bluetooth solution: bluetooth4.2
  • Distance: 10 meters
  • Speaker power: 2x10w
  • Battery specifications: built-in 18650 1800MAN 7.4V
  • Play time: 2-3h
  • Charging time: 1-2h
  • Microphone solution: BK U band
  • Microphone battery specifications: built-in 18650 1500MA 3.7V
  • Microphone charging time: 1-2h
  • Microphone type: single-point capacitive
*microphones are charge through cables
Package List:
1x Karaoke Machine
2x Bluetooth speaker microphone
1x Audio cable
1x Micro USB cable


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Win 10 Home, Win 10 Professional