T8 + Electronic Translator – 30 languages ​​- Bluetooth



Among other electronic translators, it is distinguished by the speed of work and small size, which makes it easier to use in various circumstances. international conversation. The intuitive operation of the translator with two buttons allows even a child to use this model.
Advantages of Smart Translator:
– 30 supported languages ​​(including variants),
– convenient, quick and easy to use,
– the average response time is 1.5 seconds,
– translates complex phrases, sentences in everyday life and individual words,
– is characterized by high quality of recognition,
– the possibility of conducting a dialogue between two people,
– support for idioms and specialized vocabulary,
– bluetooth range up to 10m,
– does not require a separate SIM card,
The available languages ​​are POLISH and the list according to the alphabet:
American English, + (Australia), + British, + (India), + (China),
Arabic (Egypt), + (Arabia), + international
chinese, traditional chinese, croatian, czech,
Finnish, French, + (Canada),
Hindi (India), Dutch, Spanish, + (Mexico),
Cantonese (China), Korean, Catalan
German, Norwegian,
Portuguese, + (Brazil),
Russian, Romanian,
Slovak, Swedish,
thai, turkish,
Hungarian, Vietnamese.
Translator specification:
Battery: 3.7V, 750mAh
Standby: up to 25 days, Working time: up to 8 hours
Size: 125 x 38 x 13 mm
Weight: 127 grams
Connection: Bluetooth
Transmission: up to 10 meters
Speech recognition: up to 2 meters
Smartphone required with installed software.

NOTE: bluetooth connection to a device with internet access required!

Preparation for work:

-charge the device,
-download and install the iTranslate application on your smartphone,
-set the application according to the instructions,
-connect the smartphone with the translator,
-select the languages ​​of interest (A and B),
*enjoy your new device 🙂