TwoTwind laser plotter for installation 50 x 40 cm

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A modern new generation laser plotter – an engraving machine – with a powerful laser and a large working area of ​​500 mm x 400 mm.

A large engraving allows you to cut many elements from one plate in one job without moving it. This model is a modern combination of laser technology, printer and engraving machine.

Depending on the set laser power, it allows you to engrave and burn various materials: wood, bamboo, paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber, leather, varnish, painted metal, PCBA, bone, mahogany. The large working area of ​​the engraving machine enables efficient, comfortable and quick work without additional settings. GRBL laser software

The effectiveness depends on the hardness of the material (it does not engrave specially hardened materials, e.g. military steel).

The device does not engrave glass or transparent objects.


model: TwoTwin
engraving area: 500 mm x 400 mm
material: plastic (ABS) + aluminum
power supply: 12V 2A
working speed 200-2000 m / min
working temperature: 10 – 45 degrees
support for Win Xp, 7, 8, 10


laser engraver
power supply + cable
assembly kit
English instruction + short Polish

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Moc lasera

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