M9 speech translator 137 languages + photo



Don’t waste any more time on language difficulties on the go!

This translator is the perfect solution for all travelers. Thanks to it, you will be able to communicate freely in different countries without language barriers. Its ease of use and multi-functionality make it extremely user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about the additional costs of telecommunications packages in Europe – all you need is a GSM card in your phone to use online translation in as many as 137 languages!

In addition, the photo translation function and smart notation will allow you to quickly solve language difficulties. You can also conduct conferences, improve your language skills and use currency exchange rates – all in one practical device. The small size and lightweight design make it possible to take it with you anywhere, and the reliable translation engine guarantees speed and efficiency in every situation.

Don’t delay any longer! This translator is an indispensable tool for traveling and international meetings. Thanks to intuitive operation, even a child can use it. Buy now and enjoy the freedom to communicate anywhere in the world!

This translator is easy to use and multifunctional, perfect for travel. In Europe you don’t have to buy additional packages, all you need is a GSM card in your own phone.

It offers online translation in 137 languages and photo translation in 44 languages. You can also perform in-person translations by connecting to Wi-Fi or a hotspot, which is more accurate and convenient than mobile apps. Online translation accuracy is 95% for daily short conversations. Additionally, this translator has features such as photo translation, smart notation, conferences, practice and exchange rates.

It stands out among other electronic translators due to the ability to scan text in the most difficult languages. The touch screen allows for quick and trouble-free operation of each translation.

Smaller dimensions and light weight, combined with a reliable translation engine with high efficiency and speed, make this translator model an indispensable tool for traveling and international conversations. Intuitive control of the translator with two buttons and a large 3″ screen makes this model can be used even by children.

Advantages of this translator:

  1. Voice translation in 137 languages and varieties, which allows for free communication in different regions of the world.
  2. Photo translation in 43 languages for quickly recognizing and translating text from images.
  3. Convenient, fast (even 0.2 seconds) and simple operation, ensuring smooth use of the translator.
  4. The ability to translate complex phrases, sentences in everyday life and single words, which makes it easier to communicate in various situations.
  5. High quality of recognition and precision of translations, which ensures the accuracy and fidelity of the translation.
  6. Support for idioms and specialized vocabulary to translate more advanced content.
  7. Translation of photos in 5 Mpx quality, which allows for clear and legible translations of texts from photos.
  8. The ability to access the Internet via WiFi, enabling the use of various online functions.
  9. Dual microphone for better sound pickup and clearer voice translations.
  10. Small size of translation files (only 10 MB for 5000 translations), which saves space on your device.
  11. 3″ high resolution (360*640) touch screen for convenient and clear interactions.
  12. Supports WiFi 2.4 (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 4.0 for easy connection to other devices.
  13. Large, clear speaker for clear voice translations.
  14. Capacious battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh, ensuring long-term use of the translator.
  15. Long standby time of 4 days and working time of 6 hours for reliable operation on the go.
  16. Built-in dictionary to help you expand your vocabulary and learn languages.
  17. Smart writing function, which makes it easier to remember and repeat translated words and phrases.
  18. 16 offline packages that allow you to use the translator without internet access


Arabski (Algeria), arabski (zjednoczone emiraty arabskie), arabski (Oman), arabski (egipt), arabski (palestyński organ krajowy), arabski (Bahrain), nowoczesny Standard, arabski (katar), arabski (Kuwait), arabski (Lebanon), arabski (Libya), arabski (maroko), arabski (Arabia saudyjska), arabski (tunizja), arabski (tunizja), Arabski (Syria), arabski (jemen), arabski (Iraq), arabski (Israel), arabski (Israel), arabski (Jordan), amharski (etiopia), Irish (irland), estoński (Estonia), bułgarski (bułgaria), islandzki (islandia), polski (polska), perski (Iran), duński (dania), niemiecki (Austria), niem. (Niemcy), niemiecki (Szwajcaria), rosyjski (Rosja), francuski (Belgia), francuski (Francja), francuski (Kanada), francuski (Szwajcaria), Filipino (Filipiny), fiński (finlandia), Khmer (kambodia), gruziński, gudżarati (indie), koreański (Korea południowa), holenderski (belgia), galijski (hiszpania), holenderski (Holandia), katalońska (hiszpania), czeska (republika czeska), Kannada (India), chorwacka (chorwacja), łotewska (Latvia), laotańska (Laos), litewiańska (litwa), rumuński (Rumunia), maltański (Malta), Marathi (India), malajalam (India), Malay (malezja), język macedoński (północna Macedonia), Bengali, Bengali (India), birmański (Myanmar), Afrikaans (Republika Południowej Afryki), Nepali, norweski (Bokmal, norwegia), portugalski (brazylia), portugalski (portugalski), japoński (japoński), szwedzki (szwedzki), serbski (serbski), mnich Gaara (Sri Lanka), słowacki (słowacja), słoweński (słowenia), suahili (Kenya), suahili (Tanzania), Telugu (India), Tamil (malezja), Tamil (Sri Lanka), Tamil (singapur), Tamil (India), tajski (tajlandia), turecki (indyk), Urdu, Urdu (India), ukraiński (ukraiński), Uzbek (Uzbekistan), hiszpański (nikaragua), hiszpański (argentyna), hiszpański (paragwajski), hiszpański (Panama), hiszp. (Puerto Rico), hiszpański (boliwia), hiszpański (gwinea równikowa), hiszpański (dominikana), hiszpański (ekwador), hiszpański (kolumbia), hiszpański (Costa Rica), hiszpański (Kuba), hiszpański (Honduras), hiszpański (Stany Zjednoczone), hiszpański (Peru) , hiszpański (Meksyk), hiszpański (salwador), Hiszpański (Guatemala), hiszpański (wenezuela), hiszpański (urugwajski), hiszpański (hiszpańska), hiszpański (Chile), hebrajski (Izrael), grecki (grecja), węgierski (węgierski), sundajski (Indonezja), ormeński, włoski (Włochy), Hindi (Indie), Bahasa indonezja (Indonezja), angielski (Irlandia), angielski (Australia) , Angielski (Filipiny), angielski (Kanada), angielski (Ghana), angielski (RPA), angielski (Nigeria), angielski (Nigeria), angielski (Tanzania), angielski (Hongkong), angielski (Singapur), angielski (Nowa Zelandia), angielski (Wielka Brytania), wietnamski (Wietnam), Javanese (Indonezja), chiński (mandaryński, uproszczony), chiński (tajwański mandaryński), chiński (kantoński, tradycyjny), Zu Lu (Republika Południowej Afryki)