The projector (former name: projector) is a modern element of conference rooms, schools, universities and other educational institutions, replacing large TV sets. It also works very well at home, where, for example, a projector is used instead of a TV. For each of the applications, you can choose the appropriate projector, the technical parameters of which allow to obtain the appropriate size and quality of the image. Projectors are available in various price ranges – which is obviously related to the quality of the displayed image.

The product catalog is varied not only in terms of size, possibilities, quality of the displayed image and prices. We offer both standard size projectors and mini projectors. Their compact size means that you can easily take such a “gadget” on a trip – for a holiday for children or for a presentation to the customer. The offer also includes devices for everyday, home use – addressed mainly to those who want to buy a projector for at home and use it instead of a TV, for example. A home projector can become a real multimedia center, the parameters of which ensure the projection of a large, high-quality image on any flat surface.

We also have models for use in bright rooms.

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