Our YEPO and Chipol laptops are a perfect solution for both home and business use. Our online store offers a wide selection of models from renowned electronics manufacturers, which means you will find a laptop that perfectly suits your needs.

Our range includes laptops of various prices, adapted to various budgets. Many factors influence the price, including the specifications and purpose of the laptop. For example, we offer business-class laptops, such as the new DELL laptops, which are characterized by a solid construction and high-quality components, which guarantees the long life of the device.

Our laptops are equipped with fast and capacious SSD drives, 8 or 16 GB of RAM and the latest Intel Core series processors. We offer a wide selection of models that will work well both in office work and in more demanding applications, such as graphics processing, video editing or games.

Our compact laptop is a great option for people who need a portable device. The slim size of laptops allows you to take them anywhere, which is perfect when traveling. Our offer includes laptops from well-known brands at attractive prices. Ordering equipment is easy and convenient, available both online and with the option of personal collection at our headquarters in Rzeszów.

Discover our full range of laptops available in our online store. We also offer other categories of equipment for companies and home. If you have questions or need help, we are ready to support you. Take into account the price and see that our offer will meet your expectations. Are you looking for a laptop for the office or gaming? Check out our diverse offer and find the perfect equipment that will meet your expectations.

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