Industrial computers

Industrial computers, our computers are designed for continuous operation, in harsh or demanding environmental conditions, which can often be found in factories, construction sites or on production lines.

Industrial plants, the army, machines in heavy industry, transport, external diagnostic and measurement stations are dedicated places to work for the equipment we offer. Our industrial computers are perfect for applications requiring work in low and high temperatures, in dusty conditions. Our computers with certificates necessary to meet the requirements of difficult working conditions, such as in the railway, energy, mining, maritime or uniformed services industries. A special feature of our solutions is the long time of availability of the introduced products, lasting even several years from the date of purchase. Computer models are successively modernized with new versions of processes, while remaining within the same dimensional parameters.

Most models are passively cooled with the help of powerful aluminum housings. Work performed without active elements significantly extends the service life and longevity of individual units.

Our computer models are most often used in modern production plants as machine controllers, industrial process controllers, measuring data concentrators read from sensors. Wherever continuity and reliability of operation is needed, we can offer specific solutions.

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