with several RS232 ports

Industrial Computers with RS232 Ports – Built for Demanding Environments

Our industrial computers are meticulously designed to excel in continuous operation under challenging environmental conditions, commonly found in factories, construction sites, and production lines. They are well-suited for use in industrial facilities, military applications, heavy machinery, transportation, and external diagnostic and measurement stations.
These industrial computers thrive in extreme temperature ranges and environments prone to dust. Equipped with the necessary certifications, they meet the stringent requirements of industries like railway, energy, mining, maritime, and law enforcement, ensuring their durability.
One distinctive feature of our solutions is their extended product availability, lasting for several years after purchase. Our computer models undergo gradual upgrades to incorporate new processor versions while maintaining the same dimensional parameters.
The majority of our models feature passive cooling and robust aluminum enclosures. Operating without active components significantly extends the lifespan and durability of each device.
Our industrial computers are most commonly utilized in modern manufacturing facilities, serving as machine controllers, industrial process controllers, and data concentrators for sensor readings. We provide specific solutions where continuous operation and reliability are paramount.

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