with 6 RS232 ports

Industrial computers with RS232 ports – dedicated to difficult conditions
Our industrial computers have been carefully designed to provide excellent performance in continuous operation in demanding environmental conditions such as factories, construction sites and production lines. They are ideally suited for use in industrial facilities, military applications, heavy equipment, transportation and outdoor diagnostic and measurement stations.

Our industrial computers perform excellently in extreme temperature ranges and in places exposed to dust. They have the necessary certificates that meet the stringent requirements of industries such as railways, energy, mining, shipping and uniformed services, which guarantees their durability.

Our solutions are characterized by a long period of product availability, even several years from the date of purchase. Computer models are successively updated, maintaining the same dimensional parameters.

Most of our models have passive cooling and solid aluminum housings. Working without active elements significantly extends the life and durability of each device.

Industrial computers are most often used in modern production plants, where they act as machine controllers, industrial process controllers and data concentrators from sensor readings. We offer specific solutions where business continuity and reliability are crucial.

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