Electronic speech translators

Electronic speech and writing translators

Electronic translator are devices that instantly translate spoken words into the target language. For this, it uses an internet connection with the SI server, i.e. it uses artificial intelligence. (for the translator to be able to use it, it requires connection to a Wi-Fi or GSM network). The device performs two-way translation, so it is able to translate words / sentences into a language we do not know, as well as translate sentences in a foreign language into the one we use, or one of the selected foreign languages ​​available in a given version of the translator.

The device not only translates individual words or sentences, but also captures the context of the statement. The number of languages ​​recognized by the voice translator depends on the version of the device and the manufacturer.

Any conversation in a foreign language will be possible. You speak, the translator translates and speaks the translation out loud in the selected language. Efficiency, simplicity and convenience all rolled into one.

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