Rugged tablets

Industrial tablets are characterized by high resistance to unfavorable working conditions. In today’s industry, the right devices can make your daily work much easier. For example, a professional waterproof production tablet for a warehouse must not only be properly reinforced, but also waterproof and also able to work in dust. Falls as well as high and low temperatures are normal for tougher jobs. Our offer includes devices from well-known and respected tablet manufacturers, proven in many projects.

Rugged tablets with a 2D or 3D barcode scanner are equipped with easy-to-use and safe operating systems: Android and Windows. Increasingly, despite the company’s Wifi network. to improve work and increase efficiency, direct access to the Internet using GSM 4G LTE is required.

Our industrial tablets have a sealed dust and water resistant housing (IP65 .. IP68), and made of materials resistant to falls and vibrations. These features have been confirmed by many certificates. Thanks to numerous additions, industrial tablets are perfect for industry, transport, logistics, energy, as well as rescue and public safety services. Some models comply with the military standard MIL-STD-810.

Extreme conditions are an environment in which our tablets will prove themselves 100%. As a result, the tablet can work in all conditions, keeping pace with you throughout the day in any environment.

The bright IPS display is sunlight readable and provides wide viewing angles. Thanks to the capacitive touch panel, it can be used both with gloves and with wet hands.

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