Headphones & karaoke

Wireless headphones allow you to listen to music from your smartphone or play MP3s whenever and wherever possible. Thanks to this, we do not force anyone to listen to our music, we have our hands free and we can move freely. There is one more fact in favor of this practical solution – no cabling. We can also take the headphones with us on a trip, because they will fit in every suitcase. Thanks to the good speakers used, the headphones are perfect for playing any music genre. Due to the low tolerances, the differences between the right and left diaphragms are very small, resulting in a very good stereo panorama. Depending on our hearing ability, we can perceive both low (up to about 20 Hz) and high frequencies (up to about 20 kHz). Good headphones, apart from the best sound, also offer comfort and freedom of movement. Apart from the battery charging cable, these types of headphones do not have any cables and are worn like normal earbuds. The audio signals are only transmitted via current Bluetooth 4.x or 5.0 technology.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones offer much more freedom of movement than standard wired models. In addition, the integrated microphones in the headphones and the hands-free function enable hassle-free calling on the go. Thanks to their long playtime, your favorite wireless headphones are often and willingly used in everyday life. The wireless earbuds, as the name suggests, are inserted directly into the ear canal. Teufel offers three different sizes of earbuds for selected headphones. Thanks to this, these headphones will fit every ear. The construction of the in-ear headphones makes the external noises are suppressed and therefore we can fully concentrate on listening to our favorite music.

Our offer also includes bone headphones, which are the next stage in the development of sound processing. The sound conduction technology delivers music through the cheekbones, ensuring that the ears remain completely open to the sounds around us without the discomfort of clogged ears.
Modern wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity and convenient pairing compatible with Bluetooth smartphones, tablets and laptops.
The specially designed shape, light weight of 38 grams, durability thanks to the memory frame made of titanium alloy ensure comfort during long-term wear. Combined with the long battery life, you can enjoy continuous music and calls for up to six hours.

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